Ingrid Bärndal combines both precious and non-precious materials, the fascination of crossing borders is permeating her jewellery work.

Every jewellery piece is created independently with their delicate forms inspired by natures seasonal vicissitudes. These tangible pieces may give off a playful rustle when touched or entice you with their silhouette and subtle shades of colour.
I have trained as industrial designer and goldsmith. My field of work cover designing of everyday use objects, interior design, furniture, jewellery and graphic-design. I have received a number of grants and awards for my work. My work is shown in exhibitions and represented in galleries and museum in Sweden, Europe, USA and Asia. Some of my clients have been companies like Telia, and Electrulux and private customers.
My work is represented in the collections of Nationalmuseum i Stockholm, Röhsska Museet i Göteborg och De Beers International Jewellery Collection i London.
The theme 'in my garden'  identifies the concept of my jewellery design. The petals and other objects of garden inspiration are made out of polypropylene (which can be recycled) in combination with silver or gold. The fascination of crossing borders is permeating my whole work. Transfering form to matter and further in to the design of a jewellery is my path - or is it the other way around?
Bringing a lifeless, inanimate material to life, expressing my personal feelings without totally duplicating nature - it is fascinating! I embrace and combine this philosophical and romantic concept.
Each plastic leaf is shaped individually, incorporating tints of nature. Rustling, vibrant constellations of flowers and water drops are united in my garden of fantasy.